Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

Yesterday, my lovely roommate bought this Matcha chocolate for me from Kroger when she went shopping with her friend. I’ve never tried chocolate from this company, Vosges, but it was delicious! This chocolate contains Matcha green tea, spirulina, cocoa beans and 72% cacao, which are gentle ingredients for our health. Matcha is made by powdered tea leaf. Spirulina is a kind of seaweed, which contains rich protein, vitamin, and minerals.

matcha                                                                   Photo credit: Andarcia

I’ve been raised up with Matcha since my father is teaching tea ceremony, and Matcha has a very important role for Japanese culture as well, so I was very happy to know that many people become to adopt to the world of Matcha! Today I’d like to introduce more attractive secrets about Matcha.

First, I recommend to introduce Matcha to those who want to success on diet. It contains Catechin, Tannin, Caffeine, Chlorophy II, and dietary fiber. Catechin works to burn fat and inhibit an absorption of sugar. Caffeine also works to burn fat, especially visceral fat. Tannin inhibits an absorption of fat and breaks them down, and Chlorophy II makes it easy to discharge unnecessary cholesterol. Finally, matcha looks like just powder, but has much dietary fiber which helps to fix rough skin and constipation. Just a spoon of Matcha contains 35g of a sweet potato. Also, Matcha is good for your beauty. It has vitamin C, E, and A, which help to prevent from freckles in the future, and keep moisture on your skin.

These are a little secret of Matcha; however, two third of “Matcha” in the market isn’t real one which cannot expect these benefits I described above. So when you buy Matcha, make sure you buy one is real.  Anyway, have a beautiful life ladies!

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