3 Best Tiffany Jewelries

3 Best Tiffany Jewelries

Tiffany & Co. has been attracted women all over the world since it was founded in 1837. It is famous for a prong setting which is also called Tiffany setting, and using the criterion of sterling sliver as a first American company. Today, I will talk about three best Tiffany designs.

1. Atlas ~elegant and antique design~



This Atlas design is the motif of clock in front of Tiffany main store in Fifth Avenue in New York.



The Atlas jewelry has two designs: the one is which engraves on metal either gold or silver roman numbers. The other is pattern which we can see roman numbers through the metal. Men can wear the Atlas designed ring as well as women and it also used as a couple ring. If you have someone important and you want to share the time together with her, I defiantly recommend to gift for her. This is the best gift when you mean time.


2. Open heart ~every girls favorite~



The Open heart design is the most famous and popular motif among jewelries you find in Tiffany. Tiffany has many kinds of Jewelries used this open heart motif. Using sterling silver is common for open heart design, but also they do have gold one, and they look classy and elegant. I recommend open heart style for every woman.


3. Loving heart ~a symbol of love~



The last one is loving heart. The heart is a symbol of love. Especially, a loving heart style ring will be the best gift for someone you love. I can imagine a couple love each other sit close in the bench feeling a romantic mood with this loving heart ring. The loving heart style earring is also attractive to many women. Overall, the loving heart design makes her more feminine with sophisticated elegance.


By the way, this is the Tiffany setting, which has 6 claw-shaped bindings to set the gemstone in the center.


This is the most popular engagement ring all over the world and most women dream to get it one day 😉

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