Luxury but Modest Jewelries Top 3

Luxury but Modest Jewelries Top 3

Today I introduce you the latest symbol jewelries which are simple, but have impact.

1.-DIVAS’ DREAM- Bulgari
DIVAS’ DREAM collection are designed with the fan shaped motif of the remains of ancient Rome, the Baths of Caracalla, and the curve with Italian feminine.




DIVAS’ DREAM sautoir necklace with 18kt pink gold chain with mother of pearl and black onyx. Black onyx has beautiful deep black which shows the strong belief without any hesitation, and a symbol of success. If you want to achieve something, i recommend to get this.


This is the bracelet version. If you wear it with monotone fashion, it will match perfect.


DIVAS’ DREAM ring consists of 18kt pink gold with mother of pearl and pave diamonds. The collections of small diamonds will be very shiny under the Sun!

2.-Amulette de Cartier- Cartier
Amulette de Cartier collection shows the combination between a brilliant diamond and natural gem. The round padlock shape makes our secret wish come true.



Amulette de Cartier touch wood necklace consists of 18kt rose gold, snakewood and a brilliant cut diamond of 0.09 carats. Snakewood is sometimes used for a stationary such as a pen, but this is first time for me to see snakewood jewelry. The pattern of wood is different for each jewelries since it is natural. This is very unique jewelry and it tells us that jewels are the chunk of natural, and not only gemstones and metals are jewelry but also all products of nature can be.





This is another new collection for Amulette de Cartier ring which consists of 18kt gold with a brilliant cut diamond of 0.09 carats. The gold color makes you classy and gorgeous.

3.-Camellia- Chanel
The flower Camellia has both face, gorgeous and lovely. From 1920s, Mademoiselle Chanel was often wearing Camellia as a brooch. Because of its lovely face, Camellia shaped icon has been popular until now without any change.


Bouton de Camelia earrings consists of 18kt white gold, cultured pearls, mother of pearl and diamonds. You can wear this both private and business scene.


The same collection of necklace version. This long necklace will match with dark color shirts perfectly.

All above was luxury but modest jewelries top 3! Did you enjoy?

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