Why do we buy jewelry?

Why do we buy jewelry?

Hi, guys! Today, I am going to talk about why we own or get jewelry. When we have extra money, people tend to look for jewelry to buy. Why do we want to buy jewelry? Let’s think about that.

There are 4 major reasons why people own jewelry: as an asset, collection, to wear, and as a tool.

1.As an asset

Jewels are strong for inflation. Metals like gold, silver, and platinum, or gemstones like diamonds, sapphire, and emerald. If a dollar worth 20 times after 100 years, a diamond worth 20 times as well. The value of diamond itself does not change a lot, but it keeps its value at any time of era in the world. So, if you won more than 2 carats diamond or something has same value, it will be great asset for you, your child, and your grandchild. In fact, royal families and famous companies own valuable jewels for decades as their asset.







One of the example is the stick with the Star of Africa, which British Royal Family owns. The Star of Africa is the best diamond all over the world. Its weight is 530.2 carats, and worth $400 million.

2. As a collection

Some people are collecting jewelries as an individual hobby. Some people collecting gemstones by color or sort. Some people are collecting jewelry by designers. Some people are collecting antique jewelries.


antique jewelry


3. To wear

Most people apply for this type of purpose to buy jewelry. Jewelries have a power to make you confident, beautiful, and young. For each individual, there is certain type of jewelries that are suitable for her. We try to search what is the best jewelry for us. When you wear something perfect on you, the jewelry makes you most beautiful at a time.


casual jewelry


4. As a tool

Jewelry is a tool? Maybe it does not come to your mind soon, but good example will be engagement and marriage ring. An engagement ring usually has diamond in gold or platinum which is obviously jewelry, but more than that, it has meaning that she has someone engaged with. The same as marriage ring, it shows that she is married by looking at it. So, we can say engagement ring and marriage ring are used as a tool. Also, jewelries are used for religious reasons, such as rosary. I saw some people wearing rings which have hindi god’s face on it from Nepal or Hindi people are wearing silver bracelet for religious reason. In Japan, we wear black pearls at funeral by means of our tear or sadness.



I talked about 4 main reasons to buy jewelry today.

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