Oppenhemer Blue Diamond

Oppenhemer Blue Diamond

Hey guys! Today, I gonna share you the most timely news about jewelry! Be excited! Are you ready?!

Have you already heard of “Oppenhemer Blue Diamond” auction?! Since the beginning of this week, this news has been reported on Forbes, ABCnews, Foxnews, BBC, CBS, and so on, and hot topic in the jewelry industries all over the world. I also knew about it from Gemologue by Liza Urla, a famous jewelry blog, which I subscribe. Today, on May 18th, 2016, finally the auction was held at Christie’s in Geneva, Switzerland. First, take a look at that Oppenhemer Blue Diamond.





I saw a couple of videos, and even though in the video, it was very beautiful!! I wish I could see it with my eyes;(
The story behind this Oppenhemer Blue Diamond is also very romantic as well as the stone.. So, let me tell you about it.

There was a man called Philip Oppenhemer, who was the chairman of the company diamond marketing cartel at De Bears Mining Company which is mining company for diamond, founded by Cecil Rhodes in 1888. Sir Philip Oppenhemer found this large chunk of blue diamond, and picked for his wife! He could sell it with millions of dollars for it, instead of giving it for his wife, but he didn’t. It’s telling me that she worth more than millions of dollars for him and this huge blue diamond was suitable for her! How lovely and romantic he is!!

The diamond weights 14.62 carats, and was sold for more than $57.6 million in the auction today, and it was recorded the most expensive jewelry ever sold in the auction in the history. The most notable thing is about the buyer of this Oppenhemer Blue Diamond. I wanted to know who bought it for whom or what for, but there is no information in public about the buyer, just he is coming from Asian country like me:p

Why this diamond is valuable and attractive that many people?

First, as some of you notice , it is very very rare to find this light blue color fancy diamond. Usually, it is rare to find blue diamond itself, and even if it is found, the color and stone conditions are not good enough. A blue diamond is more valuable when it has a light blue color without gray color mixed, since the deeper blue color diamond tends to have more gray in it.

Secondly, as you can see in the picture above, the cut is emerald cut. An excellence of material is especially required for a beautiful emerald cut. It is only for  a stone have an excellence of its transparency and material. An emerald cut stone is not shiny like a round brilliant cut stone or a princess cut stone, but it has very elegant shine which none of other cut has.

A blue diamond with one carat size worth around $60,000 for jewelry quality. So, if simply calculate, 14.62 carats worth $877,200 for jewelry quality. Since the Oppenhemer Blue Diamond has a gem quality which is higher than jewelry quality, it worth much more than that, and the bigger the stone becomes, its scarcity increases dramatically.

To be honest, the blue diamond jewelry like Oppenhemer Blue Diamond is not just a jewelry anymore. I can say it is more investment side as a family asset since it is not just a jewelry anymore.

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