6 different cut of diamond

6 different cut of diamond

Hey guys! A diamond is the most well known gemstones in the world because of its excellent hardness and bright. The one decides its bright is how the diamond is cut. Today, I will talk about 6 different diamond cut.


1. Round Brilliant Cut

round brilliant cut

A round brilliant cut is the most famous and popular cut among all types of diamond cut. It was invented during the mid 17 century. A round brilliant cut is the most way to bring diamond’s rainbow scattered lights, strong bright, and sparkle and it became the most famous cut for diamond. The round brilliant cut diamond accounts for 75% of whole diamond in the market although it loses 50% or more than that of a diamond in rough.


2. Melee Cut

A melee cut refers a cut for a small diamond which is under 0.2 carats. There are 2 major ways that a melee cut diamond is used for.

melee cut


The first use is for the jewelry which is designed with many small diamonds together like an eternity or stardust design.

melee cut 2

The second use is to serve as a foil for a main gemstone. The most melee diamonds are used for this. A melee cut diamond is not main at all, but it is necessary to look the main stone beautiful.


3. Emerald Cut

emerald cut

As I talked about an emerald cut yesterday for the Oppenhemer Blue Diamond ring, the essential emerald cut diamond requires an excellence of material. Also, the emerald cut is the least loss from a diamond in rough among all of type of cut, while the diamond which can process for emerald cut is less than 2% of all diamonds. The emerald cut diamond is not shiny like a round brilliant cut and princess cut, but it has very elegant shine which none of other cut has.


4. Marquise Cut

The name of a marquise cut comes from its boat shape. This cut was invested in Paris to remove the defective points in a diamond.



One carat marquise cut diamond looks the biggest of one carat diamond among all cuts. This is the biggest secret you want to know about a marquise cut. If a boat shaped diamond is less than 2 carats, it’s called marquise cut, and if it’s more than 2 carats, it’s called pear shaped cut.


5. Pear Shaped Cut

Pear shaped cut is used for a diamond which has more than 2 carats, but especially it’s for 10 to 30 carats diamond for the center of necklace, and tiara.


pearshaped diamond

I see people wearing pear shaped diamonds in wedding or celebrities in red carpet. Its refection of rainbow shine can be seen from 10m away and makes people impressed because of its excellent beauty.


6. Princess Cut

The last type of cut I introduce today is princess cut. It’s kind of new cut since it was invented in the late 1970s but because of its shine and name, it became popular next to the round brilliant cut.

princess cut

There are two secrets about this princess cut. First, the princess cut keeps the shine as well as the brilliant cut, but its loss is less than the brilliant cut. If a diamond in rough is 1.5 carats, the princess cut diamond from it will be one carat while the round brilliant cut diamond will be 0.7 carats. These are the merits of the princess cut, but you need to be aware of not making it chipped since the corner of princess cut diamond is very sharp.


These above are the major 6 kinds of diamond cut. Which diamond cut did you like the most?!
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