4 Different Types of Pearls

4 Different Types of Pearls

Hi guys! Today’s topic is pearl. Did you know that pearls are not only white, but also gold, silver, black and greens? Let’s learn about that with me!

There are 4 major different types of pearls in the world. But before going in depth about it, let me explain what a pearl is.

Unlike other gemstones, a pearl is shining from the moment when we open its shell. A pearl is generated by bivalves either in freshwater or seawater. The value of a pearl is decided by its oyster, its size, feature, the thickness of its nacreous layer, scratch, gloss, and its color. A pearl consists of Aragonite as same as its shell. A natural pearl is produced in the Persian Gulf and in the Mississippi River in the United States. However, a cultured pearl is more common today.

Cultured pearl system was invented by Kokichi Mikimoto from Japan in the 1890s. He succeeded to make the complete circle pearls by his own system: Insert the nucleus to the pearl oyster to stimulate it and form the nacreous layer by facilitating the secretion of a pearl.

Now, let’s talk about the kinds of pearls. As I said above, there are 4 different pearls.

1. Akoya Cultured Pearl

akoyapearlringAkoya Cultured Pearl is produced in Japan, China, and Vietnam. Akoya shells are relatively smaller than other shells, so its pearls are also smaller. The sizes are from 2mm to 10mm, and the common sizes are 6 to 7mm.


2. Shirocho Cultured Pearl


gold pearl brooch


Shirocho cultured pearls are produced in Australia, Indonesia, Philippine, and Myanmar. Shirocho cultured pearls are more than 10mms. This big and completed circle feature are the popular reasons to attract people. Also, this pearl has gold and silver colors, which are very beautiful.


3. Kurocho Cultured Pearl

green pearl

Kurocho Cultured Pearl is only produced in Tahiti. It was started to produce from 1970s, and Kurocho Cultured Pearl has black or dark green colors which is very rare as a pearl.


4. Conch Pearl


conchpearlring mikimoto

Conch Pearl is generated only in Caribbean Sea. It’s produced by pink shell so the color of its pearl is mostly pink, but red, orange, yellow, brown, and white. It doesn’t have a pearl layer; therefore, the pearl doesn’t have gloss. Also, because it’s conch, it’s impossible to culture, just the natural one exists. Because of its unique color and natural features, it attracts people for a long time. But, you need to be aware that a conch pearl is sensitive for heat, sunshine, and acids if you own one.


That’s all 4 major pearls. Which kind of pearls did you like?
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