Heirloom Watch ~Charles Oudin Paris~

Heirloom Watch ~Charles Oudin Paris~

I love jewelries. I love necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, and earrings, because I can wear them with me always. It can be some kind of protection, promise, and remind someone important to us. Also, they show our sense of fashion through what we wear. If you get a heirloom watch, it will be your lifetime partner and be passed on generation to generation in your family.

Today, I will introduce you one of the famous heirloom watch brand, Charles Oudin!

Charles Oudin Paris is a french jewelry watch company founded in 1797 by Charles Oudin who is the best pupil of that Abraham-Louis Breguet. Abraham-Louis Breguet is the best horologist ever appeared in the history, and who made the famous Tourbillon ordered by Marie Antoinette. Since Charles Oudin was the top disciple of him, we can say that the watches at Charles Oudin is passed on Breguet’s excellent technology and designs.

Charles Oudin has represented one of the best french watch brand and been the purveyor to the royal household in Europe. Because its top quality and his sense of the design, many people have been attracted.


charles oudin 5

This is made by white gold, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. I love how pop it is and perfect to wear in coming summer! They also have rose color based version, which makes you girly. You should check it out!


charles oudin

My favorite collection from Charles Oudin is this large rose metro, 18kt yellow gold & diamonds, Arabic style dial with Hindu numerals. Yes, Charles Oudin is popular not only in Europe but also in Middle East countries. The light blue band makes you fine and delicate.

All stones they use are the finest stones, and each clock smith makes the watches by hand through all process. They use many feminine designs such as flowers and dots, so it’s nice to wear for young ladies as well.

Even if you wouldn’t buy them, why not to go their store and try them? Feel the essence of the finest brand in the world!

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