Sentimental Jewelry

Sentimental Jewelry

Hi guys! Have you ever seen antique jewelry? Some people may have seen at the famous museums, but it is very difficult to own it for normal people even if you like jewelries. Most antique jewelries indicate the jewelries have been made for over 100 years, and many of them were made in England since England has a long history regarding to the jewelry industry. Since only members of royal family and rich families could own jewelries at that time, they were used the finest stones, and the most delicate designs even for the points we cannot see by just wearing them. It has been said that the jewelers at that time had the best and highest technique to make jewelries until now.

Especially, during the Victorian Era from 1837 to 1901, the Queen Victoria had loved jewelries very much in the history, and many people had started to wear jewelries daily influenced by their Queen. She had loved to wear red garnet jewelries when she was young, but not only garnet, but also she had many excellent collection of jewelries which she wore everyday.

When we see the antique jewelries, we can find many stories and owner’s special emotion behind them. These kind of jewelries are called sentimental jewelry. There are 2 kinds of sentimental jewelries: Jewelries includes to express the personal feeling of love, and to long for the dead. I will introduce some examples to you.

1. Feeling of Love

Turquoise with Myosotis:

antique jewelry2

The stone Turquoise shows the protection from any danger in a travel. Myosotis is a flower with gentle blue color and it’s small and cute. As its English name is “forget-me-not,” its flower meaning is “Don’t forget me.” This turquoise jewelry with a myosotis motif had been gifted to the men who was going to the war  from his girlfriend, fiance, and wife. She wished his safety during the war and his love with her.

Snake with a heart:

antique jewelry1

A snake shaped jewelry with a heart motif was also popular to show love for their partner. A snake was the symbol of eternity and by putting heart together with a snake shaped jewelry, people sworn their eternity love. Of course, it’s very nice to show their eternity love between couples, but also cultural and ethical thoughts that once married, shouldn’t be separated supported the eternity love at that time.

“Regard” and “Dearest”:

The man who had the feeling of love to the woman often gave the jewelry which designed to put the gems in order: Ruby→Emerald→Garnet→Amethyst→Ruby→Diamond by means of “Regard”

The man who had someone who he loved the most gave to her the jewelry which designed to put the gems in order:

Diamond→Emerald→Amethyst→Ruby→Emerald→Sapphire→Topaz  by means of “Dearest”

2. Long for the Dead


After the death of Queen Victoria’s dearest husband, Prince Albert, she had stopped wearing her favorite gorgeous jewelries  from her collection, and wore jet jewelry for 25 years. Jet is famous as a morning jewelry. If a person wears a jet jewelry just in the funeral, it shows to mourn for the dead, but just like Queen Victoria, if a person wears it, it shows that she longs for him even after his death 25 years. I believe she wanted to show her love and loyalty for his husband  by wearing jet.

Many people in different countries have custom to gift a jewelry to someone who is important for them. When we are gifted a jewelry from someone who is important for us, it makes us very happy with love, but if the jewelry has meaning in it in each design, it will be much more special and meaningful gift as well as deep memory. Jewelries are the best gift to show the love and how much important she is.

I hope you have or will have someone who you want to give such a romantic jewelry.

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