Moonstone ~Symbol of Eternity Love~

Moonstone ~Symbol of Eternity Love~

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I am sorry that I haven’t updated for 2 days. We had a flooding issue the day before yesterday, and my apartment Wi-Fi has not worked for 3 days! Now, I am writing with tethering, but I hope our Wi-Fi will work again as soon as possible. Anyways, let’s take a look about moonstone today!
As you know, the most famous gemstone as a symbol of an eternity love is diamond. But there is one more stone symbolized as an eternity of love. That is Moonstone!

It has been said that the moon is closely related with women for some reason from the past. Therefore, the moonstone is also close to women and it will make her beauty maximize when she wears it.

The moonstone is one of the most important stone for me, because it was selected my mother’s engagement ring by my father. He gave her the diamond ring as well, but he chose a moonstone ring as an engagement ring. Yes, many men choose a diamond ring as an engagement ring as most of women expect it, but why did my father choose a moonstone for my mother? Yes, he is one of the most unique man I have ever known, but let me discover the secret of moonstone!

Moonstone has been loved for its look like a moonlight for a long time. It’s the best to wear in the summer because of its color, and birthstone for June as same as a pearl. It’s often used in antique jewelries. A moonstone is called the stone for lovers, and to tell love, and it will make you fulfill with a gentle love. It makes you meet with someone you love, and leads to a happy marriage and family. So, it is the best stone to gift for someone you love!

Let’s check more about the moonstone!
There are major  3 kinds of moonstones in this world: Blue moonstone, orange moonstone, and rainbow moonstone.

1.Blue Moonstone


The blue moonstone is from Sri Lanka. It’s very beautiful when it has a strong blue color in it, and it’s called “Royal Blue Moonstone.” The combination between this blue moonstone and pearls are the best! I feel something pure when I see it because of its beautiful and clear blue.


2.Orange Moonstone

orange moonstone

Yes, there is an orange color moonstone, not only blue. The orange moonstone is from India. It’s not famous due to the amount it’s produced, but it is valuable and beautiful like Mars. The orange moonstones become more beautiful when they are with gold.


3.Rainbow Moonstone


The majority of the rainbow moonstone is also from India. It has a milky light like an aurora and it’s attractive. It is very rare to find it, so it will be more valuable than the blue moonstone from Sri Lanka. The moonstone in the picture above is from Tanzania in Africa.


If you wear the moonstone in the summer, the blue moonstone will be the best choice, but personally, I love the rainbow moonstone the most! I feel like I see Aurora in Alaska when I look at it.

What kind of moonstone did you like the most?
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