Uncut Diamond ~Natural Beauty~

Uncut Diamond ~Natural Beauty~

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The pleasure of jewelry is to look at its shine, and the most of jewelries are cut and polished. But did you know that uncut stone jewelries also exist in the jewelry world?

The famous example of uncut stone is a rough diamond. Among the rough diamonds, sometimes we find a high quality one without cutting. This kind of diamond is kept to make uncut diamond jewelry. Therefore, the uncut diamond must have the best material of all diamonds which are produced.

uncut diamond


I believe we should call it “the natural beauty.” Yes, many people fall in love with the completely polished and shiny gemstones. But the uncut diamond has other reasons to attract people: These are unique, naturally beautiful, and strong.

1. Unique

Because its shape is made by nature, each rough diamond has different shapes. We won’t find the exact same shape diamond in the world. Each diamond is one and only. They are treasure from the nature, and very unique. For the polished diamond, we have cubic zirconia which is lab-created stone look like a diamond, but for the uncut diamond, we cannot imitate it at all because there is no decided shapes for it.


2. Naturally Beautiful

The rough diamond has natural beauty. There are two types, octahedron and amorphous shape diamond. If the diamond is octahedron and clear, it will be very beautiful and worth it. The nature produces such a beautiful stone by itself. We will be impressed when we realize the power of nature.

3. Strong

When we take a side view, we will find the faces like desert, mountain, and glacier. You can feel their stories from them. Uncut diamond is powerful remaining the power of nature.


Diamond is the hardest gemstones in the world, and “uncut” shape is the best way to show its true colors. Over the centuries, many cutting technologies have been invented; however, the uncut diamond has unshakable beauty.

I believe more and more people notice its beauty and start to wear it in the future.


Thank you for reading! Why not find your own shape from the uncut diamonds? Oh, be careful not to be hurt if it has a sharp point!

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