Personal Jewelry~The Story About Charm~

Personal Jewelry~The Story About Charm~

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Jewelries are something personal and usually have meaning in them to wear. It could be the reasons just because you liked it, but also because important memories in it, or jewelry itself belongs to you. Jewelries show your identity and personality. For instance, when we see someone wearing a garnet, we can guess that her birthday is in January. Yes, it won’t be completely true, because her birthday could be April and she just likes a garnet. But you can get information either she likes a garnet or her birthday. Therefore, jewelry shows her identity or personality. What you wear decides how you want to show your personality.


The most clear jewelry to show people’s personality is the charms. I believe most of you have seen that Pandora charm bracelets before. How many of you thought about to get it? Or did you already get it? I am also one of a fan of charms. Why do we love charms? Because it’s small and cute?

We can show our personality clearly with charms. This is the best reason behind the popularity of the charms. I listed up what I can show my personality with charms just for an example.


  • What’s your favorite? -Something you like (Flower, makeup, fashion), your hobby (Piano, travel, reading), favorite food (chocolate), favorite color (white).
  • Where are you from?, which countries you love? -Japan, United States, France, Middle East etc…
  • When is your birthday? -Charms with your birthstone
  • What do you want in the future? -College graduation, good at cooking, study well, good business, engagement, marriage, family, travel


These are all information that I can show as a charm. So, without talking, I can show how I am. How cool it is!

Of course, charms do not have to belong to you. For example, if you like angel charm because it’s adorable, that’s totally fine. For me, I would put all my dream into the bracelet!!

Pandora is very famous for charm bracelets, but you don’t have to buy all charms from Pandora. If you didn’t find something you like, you can find the best charm for you in another website. Our company is also planning to add charms in our collection, so make sure to check it out! I hope you create the best charm bracelet just for you and show me!

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