What’s the Difference between Diamond and Cubic Zirconia

What’s the Difference between Diamond and Cubic Zirconia

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Today, my father’s friend talked to me. I was surprised, because it was first time to talk with her, but I was happy to contact with her. Even when I was a baby, and even if I do not remember, there are many people who know about me, remember me and take care of me. That’s something wonderful! I felt I want to show my face to these people and tell them that I grow up. I want to talk with them, and it will be awesome if I can be a friend of them. I want to cherish these people and people I have right now, and in the future.

Anyway, let’s talk about Cubic Zirconia today!

I am sure that you guys hear or see Cubic Zirconia, CZ, or Diamond CZ.

Whatever it is written, Cubic Zirconia is NOT diamond. I made a chart, so let’s check the difference between Diamond and Cubic Zirconia!

Diamond Cubic Zirconia
Unit of Value Weight (Carat) Diameter
Price 1000X X
Material Carbon (C) Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2)
Hardness 10 8.5
Resource Natural Human Made


I made graph to show you the difference clearly. First, the value of diamond is decided depending on its carat, while the value of cubic zirconia is decided by its size. Next, the diamond is more than 1000 times valuable than cubic zirconia. This is because the amount of diamond is limited in the world because it’s natural; therefore, the diamond has its scarcity, while cubic zirconia is lab-created so we can produce it unlimited as long as we have Zirconium Dioxide. Finally, the hardness of diamond is 10 while cubic zirconia is 8.5. As you can see here, cubic zirconia is also hard. Harder than emerald, but not as hard as sapphire and ruby.

Sometimes cubic zirconia is said that “It’s a fake diamond.” That is true that it became popular because it is similar to diamond by its looking and its prices and started to produce in earnest 40 years ago, but now it is getting popular as one gemstone in the market.

It is different from person to person- and depends on who, when, and what for- some say if we get a brilliant, big, and elegant cubic zirconia with $20 instead of a bad quality diamod with $200, while the other say because diamond is natural, it worth even with  bad quality, and cubic zirconia is not variable as a gem at all because it is human made.

In my opinion, the most important thing is you enjoy. I feel happy when I see something shiny, so I will choose either shinier one when I have limited budget. So, ask yourself, what the most important thing for you is. Then, you will get which is for you.

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