Top 5 Minerals More Variable Than Gold

Top 5 Minerals More Variable Than Gold

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Anyway, today I am going to talk about minerals more variable than gold.

In the jewelry world, diamond and gold are most common and popular, and many people believe that gold and diamond are the most variable minerals. But think about that, if it is more valuable, more rare. If it is more rare, more rarely seen. The minerals I share you guys today will probably never seen in our whole life just because it is super rare. But some of you may be interested in those. I am going into the depth world of jewelry today.




The Grandidierite is the blue-green colored gem and the hardness is 7.5, which is hard enough for jewelry gemstone. It is produced in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Because of its scarcity, the jewel experts are unable to put specific price for the Grandidierite, but it is estimated $2,000 for a carat. It makes me imagine the beautiful ocean and pure water.


2. Jeremejevite


The Jeremejevite is the clear blue color gemstone, whose hardness is from 6.5 to 7.5. It is majorly produced in Namibia in Southern Africa. How cute face they have before cutting!


3. Painite


The Painite is the red, brownish, or orange colored gem. The hardness is 8, which is very suitable as a jewelry stone. It is produced in Myanmar, and it is rare that only 25 units of Painite exists in the world. The dark red Painite is very valuable in the market.


4. Bixbite ( Red Beryl)


The Bixbite is known as a red emerald, and produced only at Wah Wah Mountain in Utah. It is worth 1,000 times more than gold in weight, and a single Bixbite crystal exists every 100,000 diamonds. Do you see how rare it is?! 1 oz Bixbite is estimated $1,300,000.


5. Red Diamond


Diamond has many natural color such as yellow, orange, blue, green, and pink, but the red color is the rarest, which exists just 20 to 30 units in this whole world. One carat worth $ 2 million. The largest diamond is 5.11 carats named Red Shield Diamond. It is produced in Brazil.


These are the top 5 gemstones more variable than gold. Did you find your favorite in there? These are highest levels of gemstone which you go to see them in the museum rather than going to the jewelry shop. I want to see Grandidierite if I have any chance!

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