Arabic Jewelry ~Middle East is not just oil and Islam~

Arabic Jewelry ~Middle East is not just oil and Islam~

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Are you familiar with Arab World?! For me, I have many Arabic friends around me, and also live with them, so I feel familiar with Middle Eastern cultures and I love how they are respectful to other people and care each other. I love their modest fashion style like Ascia AKF, OMG I love her fashion so much!!

Anyway, today, I will show you a special gift from my beautiful Saudi girl, Amal. When she came back to Saudi Arabia last month, she brought it for me with bunch of other gifts. Yes, they often give gifts each other.

The ring features my initial K(ك) in Arabic with a beautiful tear shaped stone. I can’t forget when she gives it to me, said, “Will you marry me?!” by opening the ring box! It was so funny but sweet of her. Since then, I wear it everyday when I go out. The design of ring is very sophisticated and match with any clothes. But, more than that, I am very happy because she is my favorite, we are together most of time, and she knows how much jewelry I love! I will keep it forever!!


The second jewelry I introduce you is this gold and many melee diamond jewelry. This gorgeous necklace features her initial ( أ ) in Arabic.


Not only initials but also there are full name in Arabic jewelries. If you travel to Middle East, I recommend to get one of these Arabic name jewelries for your souvenir!! As a gift, it will be awesome!!!!!

This is not related to jewelry, but I want to show you the gorgeous Arabic perfume case!! This is a gift from my sweet Omani roommate. It can be an interior but also perfume case. Looks very fancy and gorgeous. I like how it designed as well. I like her shiny smile and I always want to be kind with a cute smile like her! Oh, by the way, do you know where Oman is?! What? The first time you’ve heard of that name?! Oman is the country adjoining to Emirates in North, Saudi Arabia in West, and Yemen in South. The symbol is Khanjar, a traditional dagger, and they have beautiful view of ocean and white wall houses.


Again, if you have a chance to visit Middle Eastern countries, it will be great if you get your personal jewelry in Arabic, because unlike other language, Arabic is muley, just has curve, so its design will be very elegant.

Anyway, today I talked about gorgeous Arabic jewelry.

Thank you for coming, and I will see you in next post!


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