Tried Princess Rapunzel Hair Style

Tried Princess Rapunzel Hair Style

Hey everyone!!



Have you ever watched the Disney movie “Rapunzel” before? It is an originally German fairy tail in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm, and filmed in 2010. It became super popular all over the world, and all girls fell in love with her style. Even now, there are many brides who make her bridal hair like the Princess Rapunzel. Actually, I watched this movie recently for the first time. Yes, I know I am kinda late, well, actually too late, but at least I watched it. Honestly, her hair in the movie is damn long but after she tied her hair, it was so pretty! I loved it. If you haven’t watched yet, you definitely need to watch it!


This is on Instagram @hitomimakeup. She arranges many braid’s hair style and this is one of them. If you like it, you should check it out!


Anyway, when I was shopping with my friends at the Turtle Creek Mall yesterday, I found pretty ribbon pins for hair at Forever 21. This is what I am talking about.

ribbon pin


Isn’t it cute!? I love how their colors are and how tiny they are!! And it was just $1.90! I bought it in a second and came back home. When I was thinking how to arrange my hair with these, I came up with this Rapunzel hair style. Her hair style is decorated by flowers, not ribbons, but it inspired me. So, I tried today. Actually, Rapunzel hair is tied by fishborn way, but I didn’t think I can tie by myself, so I used triple braid way. This is how to tie.. the pictures below.



12 Romantic Braided Hairstyles With Useful Tutorials


This is the look at my first try of ribbon hair with Rapunzel style 😀 It’s so pretty right?! I love it!! When I dress up especially, I will use this style for sure!


Even if I add more decoration pins like these, it will be perfect♡ When I arrange my hair girly, I feel special and happy. And I think this is very important to feel pretty or girly even by yourself, because if you didn’t think that you are pretty and girly, no one will think more than you. So, even if you’ve been busy with stuff you have to do, I recommend you to take time to dress up and arrange your hair.


I hope you liked this article. See you next time!!



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