A flower for you. Beautiful lipstick as sigh comes out.

A flower for you. Beautiful lipstick as sigh comes out.

The beautiful lipstick as sigh comes out is produced by the Chinese cosmetic brand, Kailijumei.


Have you ever seen such a beautiful lipstick in your life?! Clear stone base with a gorgeous flower and gold leaves. The gold in lipstick is fantastic! These lipstick was started to sell in the beginning of last month, and now people are crazy about this lipsticks. When I went to see the company’s website yesterday, http://kailijumei.tictail.com/,  they were all sold.

According to their website, ingredients: cocoa butter, botanical extracts, stearic acid, beeswax, candelilla resin, olive oil, citric acid, grape seed oil, lavender oil (3 kinds of Real Dried flowers in paste).


The look is very beautiful.


There are another types of Kailijumei lipsticks which have colors as a base. The colors are red, orange, green and purple.

All these lipstick colors change depending on the temperature of the lip.


These lipsticks are $30 for each according to the original website. I checked the reviews of people who got the lipsticks already, and some are saying that the look of lipstick is very cute and beautiful, but the package is looking very cheap as a brand, and even on the company’s formal website, they did not use any professional model in the picture although many brands are using professional models for the website pictures. There are many different opinions about this lipstick and company, but you may try this new form of cosmetics!

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