Staying Well-bred Lady Is More Important than Anything

Staying Well-bred Lady Is More Important than Anything

Do you have anyone around you who makes you feel she is well-bred? How you stay and how you act decide your class without your social and financial statues. I have seen many friends who are from rich family, and I have noticed that having money does not mean she is well-bred. I believe that being a well-educated, well-mannered, and elegant lady is very important to interact with different people. Today, I will share how to stay an elegant and classy lady. If you are careful with those points that I share below, you will be closer to the nice lady.


First, I will share about the bad points which I’ve seen people around me.


1. Speaking with bad language

The every word you choose reflects how you grew up in your life. Even when you are kidding, you should never use F words, N word, and other bad languages. Maybe you are feeling cool, strong, or having fun, but think about people around you. When I hangout with my friends and they are using these kinds of words, I feel bad and uncomfortable even if they are good friends. Also, when you are speaking with these language, this shows that you are from not good family, and your class is low obviously.


2. Table manner

Every family has different culture… but at least you need to know the basic table manner like how to place fork and knife, not making noise while eating, and not talking with big voice and so on. If your parents didn’t teach the table manner while you are young, you should learn by yourself with internet or reading books. If you don’t know the basic table manner, you will be acting rude to the other people who are eating with you, and make them feel uncomfortable. Also, if you are eating with 5 people for example, you should make sure that all 5 people are happy. If one of five is not happy with the conversation you have, you should change the topic which all can participate. That’s how to care people. Having a basic table manner is very important. One day, when I was invited for the lunch by my classmate. After I found that he has an awful table manner, I have never hangout with him again.


3. Daily life noise is noisy

This is something you never know until you live with someone, so it will be difficult to show until then. But every action you have is noisy, it shows how badly you grew up. There are people who make noise for every action. For example, when you close the door, when you walk around the home, when you talk, when you sit down, and when you watch TV. All are too NOISY! I have lived with many girls as my roommates since I am away from family, but most of them make noise too much. I’ve been lived with my family till the age of 18, and until then I have never expected that there are girls who make noise too much like this. Especially when they talk and music! For both of them, it’s too noisy. How many times I wished to have more rooms to escape from loud music, TV and talk! When I feel uncomfortable, I will put earphone to my ear and try to listen music, because I know they are having fun time and don’t want to bother them, but! When I hear the noise over my music, this is the time I am ready to fight with them.


4. Talk about the rumor all the time, something bad about people around you

I know it’s hard not to complain about the people around you. I also have problems everyday with different people, especially people in the apartment office. But at least try not to talk something bad about people. Do not be a person talking something bad about people all the time. Here is the reason why I am saying. How many times you talk something bad about your friend, how many people you tell that she is bad, it won’t solve the problem at all. NEVER. More than that, talking rumor like who has relation with whom, who hangouts with whom, who lie to whom… all of them are nothing worth to talk. This is waste of time. You need to talk how to be a nice person instead of these junk talk. Plus, none of those makes you look elegant while you talk.


5. Tap the foot nervously

This is big NO! I had a classmate who has a good looking, and smart. But he was tapping his foot nervously all the time while in the class. I was feeling having earthquake all the time! If you are a woman, you should never do it however you are nervous.


These are my top 5 bad habits I’ve seen in my daily life. Now let’s see how you should act to stay an elegant lady.


1. Stay kind to everyone

Isn’t it nice when you see someone who is able to stay kind to everyone? If she is well-brad, she is used to have kind people around her as well as being kind to them. If you see someone who seems to get lost, ask “are you okay?” If you see someone who needs a pen in your class, ask “would you like to use mine?” Try to make people around you happy as much as you can.


2. Eat beautiful

Even if you are eating something expensive and fancy, the way you eat is dirty with a bad manner, everything looks bad. On the other hand, even if you are eating something simple, when you are careful to stay clean around your mouth and have a basic table manner, everything looks elegant.



3. What to wear is clean

Make sure what you wear is clean. Your clothes, bag, and shoes don’t have to be those from famous brand or expensive. But make sure that they are not ripped and damaged. And treat what you have well. Don’t throw your bag to the sofa. Don’t throw your clothes into the closet. Treat and care them well.


4. Good with family

Family member is the closest people for you. Most of your life is with them and they know you more than anyone you meet in the future in the long term. If you are good with them, it means that you can treat all people well. I see many people who have a good face with outside of family and very rude and violent to the family member. But this is not correct behavior at all. The people you should cherish the best is your family. If you are not nice with your family, it means that you are actually not nice with other all people, and you are not nice to yourself.


Family Christmas party


These are my points about good people. Many things I talked about, but especially you should be careful which words you use when you talk, and how to behave when you are eating with your friends. Also, showing your skin in public too much is also not nice. Wear modest as you can. You meet many kinds of people around you. When you find someone who is acting well, you can follow what she does, and if you find someone acting bad, she is not the one you hangout. If you really want to stay with friend with her, you can tell her what is bad. Otherwise, leave her. Look, how much money you have doesn’t make you look good. More important thing is, how elegant you stay. That decides where is your suitable class.

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