Eleven Point River @Missouri- Canoeing & Kayaking

Eleven Point River @Missouri- Canoeing & Kayaking

Welcome to Kao!

I am sorry that I haven’t renewed any posts for a long time. I had been struggling with mid-terms recently for my college stuff.

Today I’d like to introduce you about the Eleven Point River in Missouri. I went there with my Japanese girls at the beginning of the last month for canoeing and kayaking. For those who don’t know about the canoeing and kayaking, let me tell you real quick the difference between a canoe and a kayak. Basically, a canoe is the boat for a person, and a kayak is for two. The guys who were working at the canoe rental shop were telling me that canoeing is easier than kayaking, especially if you are riding for the first time. It was the first time in my life to try these things, so I had no idea which to try, but I rode a kayak with my buddy. You know, I am lazy plus was afraid of being alone for 4 hours. What if I lost the way?!

The kayak trip was approximately 4 hours in total until we arrive to the goal point. I was right that I decided to ride a kayak. I enjoyed the super beautiful view during the trip (While my buddy was struggling to row lol). Thank God that I was with the best girl ever! I wanted to take many pictures when I got there, but unfortunately, I didn’t carry my phone with me. I was afraid that I sink it. If you are a beginner, don’t take your phone with you. There is a high possibility that you will tumble down. It was fortunate that our kayak didn’t tumble down- Thanks to my buddy- but 5 of my friend did. We were total 11 girls, so almost 50% possibility that you tumble down. Do Not take anything important to you- even your footwear- you might lose it.

Here is a few pictures my friend took during the trip.




seven point


This pond is filled with pure water from the falls. It’s too cold to swim, but super beautiful to look at. I tried to get in, but I thought my body was gonna frozen even though the outside temperature was about 86F.

For those of you decided to visit there, here are the things you need to bring:

  • Swimsuits
  • Extra clothes after being wet
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Power

By the way, this is something embarrassing – although I have to tell you- there is NO bathroom during the trip unless you make your natural bathroom by your own.. I am telling you now, go to the bathroom before you go head for your nice trip! Plus, don’t drink too much water while you are rowing.

At first, I wasn’t excited that much for kayaking, but the place was clean, pure and beautiful. If I could, I want to visit there again. The landscape I saw there is for only in the States. If you guys have a chance to go, especially if you are southerner, I strongly recommend to go there with your friends who have stamina 😉 I hope you guys will have fun and exciting adventure at the Eleven Point River.

See you next time!


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