What every girl wants to hear from a boy

Happy Thanksgiving! Did you eat plenty of turkey?! Me, I did! Went to one of my friend's home and they hosted me. I had a good experience. Anyhow, I hope ya'll have a nice day spending with your family, Recently, I've found the Youtube video I'd like to share with you. It's about romance and relationship. It's just a slide show video, [...]

Eleven Point River @Missouri- Canoeing & Kayaking

Welcome to Kao! I am sorry that I haven't renewed any posts for a long time. I had been struggling with mid-terms recently for my college stuff. Today I'd like to introduce you about the Eleven Point River in Missouri. I went there with my Japanese girls at the beginning of the last month for canoeing and kayaking. For those who [...]

Staying Well-bred Lady Is More Important than Anything

Do you have anyone around you who makes you feel she is well-bred? How you stay and how you act decide your class without your social and financial statues. I have seen many friends who are from rich family, and I have noticed that having money does not mean she is well-bred. I believe that being a well-educated, well-mannered, [...]

A flower for you. Beautiful lipstick as sigh comes out.

The beautiful lipstick as sigh comes out is produced by the Chinese cosmetic brand, Kailijumei. Have you ever seen such a beautiful lipstick in your life?! Clear stone base with a gorgeous flower and gold leaves. The gold in lipstick is fantastic! These lipstick was started to sell in the beginning of last month, and now people are crazy about [...]

Tried Princess Rapunzel Hair Style

Hey everyone!!   Have you ever watched the Disney movie "Rapunzel" before? It is an originally German fairy tail in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm, and filmed in 2010. It became super popular all over the world, and all girls fell in love with her style. Even now, there are many brides who make her bridal hair like the Princess Rapunzel. [...]

International Manner

Hello! Have you ever interacted with international people? Today, I want to share with you about what I always feel about international people. Sometimes, I feel uncomfortable when someone who doesn't have the same culture as me does something rule to my culture. For example, to pierce the chopstick, fork, and spoon to the food, it is very very rule [...]

My Secret to Keep My Long Hair Healthy ~Dove~

Hello, everyone! Today, I am going to tell my secret to keep the long hair healthy. As you can see, my hair is long. I tried to have different long hairstyle until now, short hair, medium and long, but it is the best for me to have a long hair. It makes me looking more feminine. In fact, the longer hair [...]

Arabic Jewelry ~Middle East is not just oil and Islam~

Hey Guys! Welcome to Kao! Are you familiar with Arab World?! For me, I have many Arabic friends around me, and also live with them, so I feel familiar with Middle Eastern cultures and I love how they are respectful to other people and care each other. I love their modest fashion style like Ascia AKF, OMG I love her [...]

Top 5 Minerals More Variable Than Gold

Hi guys! Welcome to Kao! I am sorry for those who read my blog everyday, but I couldn't update the post since I was overloaded with my school stuff. Anyway, today I am going to talk about minerals more variable than gold. In the jewelry world, diamond and gold are most common and popular, and many people believe that gold and diamond [...]

What’s the Difference between Diamond and Cubic Zirconia

Hi, Guys! Welcome to Kao!! Today, my father's friend talked to me. I was surprised, because it was first time to talk with her, but I was happy to contact with her. Even when I was a baby, and even if I do not remember, there are many people who know about me, remember me and take care of me. [...]

Personal Jewelry~The Story About Charm~

Hey, guys! Welcome to Kao!! Jewelries are something personal and usually have meaning in them to wear. It could be the reasons just because you liked it, but also because important memories in it, or jewelry itself belongs to you. Jewelries show your identity and personality. For instance, when we see someone wearing a garnet, we can guess that her [...]

Uncut Diamond ~Natural Beauty~

Hey guys! Welcome to Kao!! The pleasure of jewelry is to look at its shine, and the most of jewelries are cut and polished. But did you know that uncut stone jewelries also exist in the jewelry world? The famous example of uncut stone is a rough diamond. Among the rough diamonds, sometimes we find a high quality one without cutting. [...]

Moonstone ~Symbol of Eternity Love~

Hey, guys! Welcome to Kao! I am sorry that I haven't updated for 2 days. We had a flooding issue the day before yesterday, and my apartment Wi-Fi has not worked for 3 days! Now, I am writing with tethering, but I hope our Wi-Fi will work again as soon as possible. Anyways, let's take a look about moonstone today! As [...]

Sentimental Jewelry

Hi guys! Have you ever seen antique jewelry? Some people may have seen at the famous museums, but it is very difficult to own it for normal people even if you like jewelries. Most antique jewelries indicate the jewelries have been made for over 100 years, and many of them were made in England since England has a long [...]

Heirloom Watch ~Charles Oudin Paris~

I love jewelries. I love necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, and earrings, because I can wear them with me always. It can be some kind of protection, promise, and remind someone important to us. Also, they show our sense of fashion through what we wear. If you get a heirloom watch, it will be your lifetime partner and be passed [...]

4 Different Types of Pearls

Hi guys! Today's topic is pearl. Did you know that pearls are not only white, but also gold, silver, black and greens? Let's learn about that with me! There are 4 major different types of pearls in the world. But before going in depth about it, let me explain what a pearl is. Unlike other gemstones, a pearl is shining from [...]

6 different cut of diamond

Hey guys! A diamond is the most well known gemstones in the world because of its excellent hardness and bright. The one decides its bright is how the diamond is cut. Today, I will talk about 6 different diamond cut.   1. Round Brilliant Cut A round brilliant cut is the most famous and popular cut among all types of diamond cut. [...]

Oppenhemer Blue Diamond

Hey guys! Today, I gonna share you the most timely news about jewelry! Be excited! Are you ready?! Have you already heard of "Oppenhemer Blue Diamond" auction?! Since the beginning of this week, this news has been reported on Forbes, ABCnews, Foxnews, BBC, CBS, and so on, and hot topic in the jewelry industries all over the world. I also [...]

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