Staying Well-bred Lady Is More Important than Anything

Do you have anyone around you who makes you feel she is well-bred? How you stay and how you act decide your class without your social and financial statues. I have seen many friends who are from rich family, and I have noticed that having money does not mean she is well-bred. I believe that being a well-educated, well-mannered, [...]

A flower for you. Beautiful lipstick as sigh comes out.

The beautiful lipstick as sigh comes out is produced by the Chinese cosmetic brand, Kailijumei. Have you ever seen such a beautiful lipstick in your life?! Clear stone base with a gorgeous flower and gold leaves. The gold in lipstick is fantastic! These lipstick was started to sell in the beginning of last month, and now people are crazy about [...]

Tried Princess Rapunzel Hair Style

Hey everyone!!   Have you ever watched the Disney movie "Rapunzel" before? It is an originally German fairy tail in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm, and filmed in 2010. It became super popular all over the world, and all girls fell in love with her style. Even now, there are many brides who make her bridal hair like the Princess Rapunzel. [...]

International Manner

Hello! Have you ever interacted with international people? Today, I want to share with you about what I always feel about international people. Sometimes, I feel uncomfortable when someone who doesn't have the same culture as me does something rule to my culture. For example, to pierce the chopstick, fork, and spoon to the food, it is very very rule [...]

My Secret to Keep My Long Hair Healthy ~Dove~

Hello, everyone! Today, I am going to tell my secret to keep the long hair healthy. As you can see, my hair is long. I tried to have different long hairstyle until now, short hair, medium and long, but it is the best for me to have a long hair. It makes me looking more feminine. In fact, the longer hair [...]

Matcha Green Tea

Yesterday, my lovely roommate bought this Matcha chocolate for me from Kroger when she went shopping with her friend. I’ve never tried chocolate from this company, Vosges, but it was delicious! This chocolate contains Matcha green tea, spirulina, cocoa beans and 72% cacao, which are gentle ingredients for our health. Matcha is made by powdered tea leaf. Spirulina is [...]

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