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What’s the Difference between Diamond and Cubic Zirconia

Hi, Guys! Welcome to Kao!! Today, my father's friend talked to me. I was surprised, because it was first time to talk with her, but I was happy to contact with her. Even when I was a baby, and even if I do not remember, there are many people who know about me, remember me and take care of me. [...]

Uncut Diamond ~Natural Beauty~

Hey guys! Welcome to Kao!! The pleasure of jewelry is to look at its shine, and the most of jewelries are cut and polished. But did you know that uncut stone jewelries also exist in the jewelry world? The famous example of uncut stone is a rough diamond. Among the rough diamonds, sometimes we find a high quality one without cutting. [...]

6 different cut of diamond

Hey guys! A diamond is the most well known gemstones in the world because of its excellent hardness and bright. The one decides its bright is how the diamond is cut. Today, I will talk about 6 different diamond cut.   1. Round Brilliant Cut A round brilliant cut is the most famous and popular cut among all types of diamond cut. [...]

How to wear jewelry daily

Some of you think it's hard to wear jewelry everyday just because you think that wearing jewelry is just for a special occasion. But if you are enjoying wearing jewelry, why not wear them everyday? Okay, now I am telling you, not all gemstones you can wear daily. All stones have their own hardness and how strong in heat, so [...]

Multi-Gem Jewelry

Have you ever seen colorful multi-stone jewelries? When the rainbow color comes with rings and bracelets, it will be the luxury. Today, I will share you guys such colorful jewelries. When I think of multi-gem jewelry, I come up with Navaratna ring, which is cultural and also religious ring from India and Nepal. Navaratna ring consists of ancient 9 gemstones [...]

Luxury but Modest Jewelries Top 3

Today I introduce you the latest symbol jewelries which are simple, but have impact. 1.-DIVAS’ DREAM- Bulgari DIVAS’ DREAM collection are designed with the fan shaped motif of the remains of ancient Rome, the Baths of Caracalla, and the curve with Italian feminine.   DIVAS’ DREAM sautoir necklace with 18kt pink gold chain with mother of pearl and black onyx. Black onyx has [...]

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