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4 Different Types of Pearls

Hi guys! Today's topic is pearl. Did you know that pearls are not only white, but also gold, silver, black and greens? Let's learn about that with me! There are 4 major different types of pearls in the world. But before going in depth about it, let me explain what a pearl is. Unlike other gemstones, a pearl is shining from [...]

How to wear jewelry daily

Some of you think it's hard to wear jewelry everyday just because you think that wearing jewelry is just for a special occasion. But if you are enjoying wearing jewelry, why not wear them everyday? Okay, now I am telling you, not all gemstones you can wear daily. All stones have their own hardness and how strong in heat, so [...]

Multi-Gem Jewelry

Have you ever seen colorful multi-stone jewelries? When the rainbow color comes with rings and bracelets, it will be the luxury. Today, I will share you guys such colorful jewelries. When I think of multi-gem jewelry, I come up with Navaratna ring, which is cultural and also religious ring from India and Nepal. Navaratna ring consists of ancient 9 gemstones [...]

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